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Art DirectionDigital DesignInteractive Digital Signage
Jan 2017 - Mar 2018
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01 / The Challenge

I was selected to design an interactive digital signage system for Shiseido's new outlet in the "GINZA SIX" shopping mall. My responsibilities included art direction and UI/UX design for this innovative project.

The client envisioned this digital signage as a "Digital Counseling Mirror," combining aesthetic appeal with functionality, reflecting Shiseido's blend of classic style and modern innovation. This system aimed to revolutionize the cosmetics counter experience by integrating product exploration with a mirrored display, a pioneering concept in Japan's cosmetics industry.

新しく出来るショッピングモール『GINZA SIX』に新しく店舗を構えることとなった資生堂のチャレンジで、最新技術を使ったインタラクティブ・デジタルサイネージを構築することとなりました。私は、そのプロジェクトにてアートディレクションとデジタルサイネージのUI/UXデザインを担当しました。


02 / The Story

My task involved designing the touch panel interface for the digital counseling mirror. We began by identifying the ideal display characteristics to fulfill the vision of a next-generation cosmetic counter that doubles as a mirror. This required careful selection of size, texture, color, and screen quality to mimic a real mirror's properties.

Focusing on user interaction, the design needed to be intuitive and highlight the graphic design to effectively present new products.

After extensive testing and design iterations, we developed a UI that enhanced product textures on-screen, mirroring their real-life appearance and appeal. Finding the right display was challenging, yet we succeeded in creating a design that not only resonated with the Shiseido brand but also seamlessly merged theme with functionality.




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