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Jun 2019 - Present
b.plat LLC
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01 / The Challenge

As Creative Director for "btwn," a promotional platform offering a cash-back referral system for restaurant patrons, I was tasked with the comprehensive design of the service and platform.

This encompassed establishing the branding direction, corporate identity, website, B2B dashboard, B2C app, and the graphic design for promotional materials. I aimed to create interfaces for the dashboard and app that were not only user-friendly but also engaging, reflecting the service's "win-win" philosophy for both restaurants and customers.



02 / The Story

The design's playful and vibrant color schemes, diverse fonts, and cheerful imagery illustrated the mutual benefits for app users and restaurants: users enjoy cash-back rewards, while restaurants receive cost-free word-of-mouth advertising.

Beyond the app, I aimed for a holistic brand approach, advising on the tone for social media and blog content to align with the app's positive vibe, ensuring a cohesive brand image that effectively promotes the service. The project is ongoing, and I look forward to its evolution.



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